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Jersey Boys: Eastwood trusted us

The stars of new film Jersey Boys have spoken about the confidence and freedom director Clint Eastwood gave them.

The Western-star turned director chose to cast Broadway actors in his big screen adaptation of the musical about 60s pop star Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons.

John Lloyd Young reprised his role as Frankie from the stage show in the new movie alongside fellow Broadway actors Erich Bergen and Mike Doyle.

Mike told The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the New York premiere: "Clint is very confident in his choices, confident in what he does and if he recognises something in you, he goes with that.

"So you feel really trusted and free to do your thing."

Erich revealed: "I think what he really taught me was to have confidence as an actor, because especially as a theatre actor, you're micromanaged a lot because there's set pieces coming in and there's lights and sound and you have to make sure you do the exact same thing in the performance every single night.

"And when it came time to do the film, he was much more open and wanted me to trust my best instincts. He got me to do that, and I'm forever grateful to him because of that."

Boardwalk Empire's Vincent Piazza, who plays Tommy DeVito, was in a minority in the cast, in that he does not come from a musical theatre background.

He said of dancing, singing and playing an instrument for the role: "It was daunting, and I really had to take care of myself day to day to keep up my confidence, and be humble in the work and... get to a place in the work where I'm in great hands and they told me not to worry about it, just keep working hard.

"I did and hopefully people will appreciate it within the context of these incredible singers and dancers and actors."

Clint, 84, said he hopes the film will introduce the music of Frankie Valli to a new audience.

He said: "Hopefully young audiences will be interested in the music and they'll enjoy it too and enjoy it for the story."


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