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Jesse Eisenberg defends ‘focused’ movie character

Jesse Eisenberg has revealed that he was unsure of how to portray Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

The 27-year-old actor received rave reviews for his role in the movie, which charts the rise of the Facebook phenomenon. However, Jesse has admitted that he experimented depicting the Facebook co-founder in a variety of ways before deciding on a particular emotion.

“It was an interesting exercise. What we were playing with is, does that brilliance manifest in a very engaged, kinetic way, or is it more interesting to have it in an introverted, kind of disaffected way? When we would do 50 takes, we would do the first 25 introverted and the other 25 more engaged and emotive,” he explained.

Jesse went on to defend the way his character is portrayed in the film. The actor insists the reason Mark was successful is because he was “focused” even though it cost him some friendships along the way.

“I wouldn’t call him insensitive. As an actor, you know, my job is to defend him every day. I view my character as very focused,” he added. “The emotional thrust of the movie is the relationship he has with Eduardo Saverin, a relationship that is damaged by the creation of the website and its success.”

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