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JJ Abrams: Pegg's monetary hints

JJ Abrams has joked that Simon Pegg has been giving him money - in the hope of getting a role in Star Wars Episode VII.

The Star Trek Into Darkness filmmaker is to take the reins of the upcoming Star Wars movie, and joked that actor Simon, who is a huge fan of the franchise, has been dropping some financial hints.

"It's not so much hints, as the envelopes of money that has the initials SW on it. He'll say 'Sorry' and give me another envelope. It's embarrassing," the director quipped.

JJ is thrilled to head into the Star Wars world, which George Lucas created.

"I'm thrilled to be involved in that. It's very early on so we're just getting started but it really is an exciting thing to get to be in that universe," he added.

While Simon - who reprises his role as engineer Scotty in the Star Trek sequel - said he would gladly take a role in a Star Wars movie, he also admitted that he would like to enjoy the film as a fan.

"I would follow JJ anywhere. As a director, I love him and I really respect his choices," he said. "At the same time, I'm also a big fan of Star Wars and I'd love to see a Star Wars film and that might actually necessitate me not being in it so I can enjoy it fully."

He revealed that despite JJ's jokes he hasn't approached him for a part.

"I respect JJ enough not to say, 'Please can I be in Star Wars?' because that would be unprofessional. I don't really respect myself at all to be honest. But it's still so far in the future and so up in the air."

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in cinemas on May 9.


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