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JJ Abrams: Spielberg is my hero

JJ Abrams has confessed it was a dream come true working with Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg for the first time.

The Star Trek director has teamed up with the creator of ET and Jurassic Park to make much-hyped new sci-fi film Super 8.

"It was crazy good. Working with Steven Spielberg was a dream, and I was slightly nervous about it because he was a hero of mine as a kid," Abrams confessed.

"I can only say that it was surreal and wonderful, and a real privilege."

Written and directed by Abrams and produced by Spielberg, Super 8, set in an Ohio town in 1979, stars an ensemble cast of teenagers including Elle Fanning, and newcomers Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths and Ryan Lee.

But despite their tender years, the director found his actors were already familiar with Spielberg's earlier work, admitting they all arrived on set "fans of The Goonies and ET".

Super 8 opens in UK cinemas on August 5.


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