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JJ Abrams staying behind the camera

JJ Abrams won't follow the example of fellow directors Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino by appearing in his own films.

The elusive film-maker directed, wrote and produced his new movie, Super 8, alongside Steven Spielberg.

Although he did have a cameo in 1996 thriller Diabolique, he said: "I wouldn't want to go in front of the camera.

"I don't think people want that anyway, so I'll help them by not doing it."

The film-maker, 45, whose work as director includes Mission: Impossible III and the Star Trek reboot, said it was a huge treat to work alongside Steven.

"He had such an impact on me as a kid, so the idea of working on a movie and knowing I could pick up the phone anytime and call Steven Spielberg and ask his advice, it was an incredible privilege," he said.

He added: "Super 8 is a combination of genres, but it's basically about kids in 1979 making Super 8 films.

"It's a love story, it's a family drama, it's a little bit of a monster movie."


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