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JJ Feild's heavy burden for film

JJ Feild had to carry Benedict Cumberbatch around for the film
JJ Feild had to carry Benedict Cumberbatch around for the film

JJ Feild has admitted he struggled having to carry Benedict Cumberbatch around the Welsh coast for their latest film.

The Sherlock Holmes star plays a young man dying of cancer who goes on a final camping trip with his friends, who have to help carry him as he becomes unwell, in the film shot on location in Pembrokeshire.

JJ, who plays his best friend said: "He lost weight for the part, so luckily I think his shoes weighed more than he did - he had big boots on. But people are heavy - I tried to look like I was being all big, strong and butch, but humans are really heavy."

He went on: "There was one day, when I first pick him up, we spent all day shooting that scene, and then there was a technical difficulty and we had to come back a week later and do it all over again."

JJ stars alongside Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell in new comic book movie Captain America: The First Avenger, playing one of Captain America's sidekicks Union Jack.

He revealed: "I just finished Captain America a couple of weeks ago. I just got back from the States, so I'm in the country relaxing.

"Captain America was amazing. It took a very long time and it was a very physical job. I play one of the Captain's sidekicks so I've been running around shooting things and blowing things up and trying to look cool for about a year.

"I'm looking forward to relaxing and then finding some nice dialogue to speak. I'll never try and do the same job twice."

:: Third Star is released in cinemas on Friday May 20.



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