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JJ wants Williams scoring Star Wars

JJ Abrams has revealed he hopes legendary composer John Williams will work on the music for his new Star Wars film.

The 81-year-old award-winning composer created the original Star Wars music, as well as the well known scores for hit films including Jaws, Superman, the Indiana Jones movies, ET, Jurassic Park and Home Alone.

JJ has had a long time collaboration with Michael Giacchino, who has composed music for his TV shows and films including Alias, Lost, the Star Trek reboot and the soon-to-be-released sequel Star Trek Into Darkness.

But JJ revealed at a recent press conference in Berlin: "For Star Wars, it's very early days, but I believe that, going forward, John Williams will be doing that film, because he was there long before I was."

And it seems Michael feels the same way.

He recently told Empire magazine: "I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but one of the things that excites me most about it coming back is the chance to hear new John Williams music, not new Michael Giacchino music based on JohnWilliams music. I'm excited to hear what he would do."

Disney bought the rights to Lucasfilm last year and announced it would be making at least three new Star Wars films.

Star Wars: Episode VII, directed by JJ, is due out in 2015.


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