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Joaquin confesses chronic nerves

Joaquin Phoenix has confessed he is still crippled by uncontrollable nerves after 30 years of acting.

The 39-year-old began acting as a child and has been nominated for an Oscar for roles in Walk The Line and The Master.

But Joaquin told Esquire magazine: "I don't know my craft. Every f***ing movie I feel like it's my first. I'm uncontrollably shaking, physically nervous. No way am I like, 'Yeah, I got this'. Every time feels f***ing terrifying. They have to put f***ing pads in my armpits because I sweat so much."

And The Immigrant star appears to take no credit for his successful film career.

He said: "I like being an employee. My job is to please the director, that's it. Because seriously, if you see cuts and dailies, it's hard for any actor to take credit. Any performance in a movie is the complete work, and it's the director that sews it all together.

"These guys I've been working with, Spike and Paul (directors Spike Jonze and Paul Thomas) I was thinking the other day: what happened? I don't deserve to be here."

In 2009, Joaquin announced he was retiring from acting to become a rapper. He grew a beard and made a string of bizarre public appearances, but then it was revealed to be a stunt for mockumentary I'm Still Here, directed by his friend Casey Affleck.

And The Gladiator star, who shuns Hollywood, does not like the way actors are cushioned from reality.

He said: "Here's what I worry about. When people are constantly adjusting your collar and your lapel and you just give in to it? It's over. You're no longer a human being.

"When you see an adult actor on set, they look infantilised. People are there to dress you. They bring you espressos and lattes and s***. It's like arrested development. We're all just little f***ing runt kids."


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