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Jodie McDermott sets a date for ITV's Take me out in hunt for Mr right


She's looking for the perfect man to take her out after her new life Down Under didn't work out.

Jodie McDermott, from Antrim, will be making her debut TV appearance in a bid to find love on ITV's hit show Take Me Out tonight.

In 2009 she left the UK and boyfriend of four years behind to pursue her dream of living in Australia but now Jodie is back in the UK and looking for romance.

The 31-year-old former Dominican College pupil, who currently works as an investigations officer in Manchester, heard about the show through a group of friends.

After being single for five years she thought the best way to reintroduce herself to the UK male population was with the help of the flirty dating show and its much loved host – Paddy McGuinness.

The Saturday night favourite television show features 30 single girls from across the UK searching for the right single guy.

Their potential suitor appears and presents himself with a series of videos about his life and usually some embarrassing revelations from his nearest and dearest.

Meanwhile each girl has a lit up podium and if they like what they see they keep their light on and if they don't they turn it off – which coined the show's famous catchphrase, "no likey, no lighty".

After a process of elimination if a match is found they head off on a romantic holiday together.

But in order to be Jodie's boyfriend her Mr Right will have to measure up against a strong checklist.

Jodie says her ideal guy would be a "real man" who likes football and sport. He would like to go out drinking with his friends and share her love for adventure but meanwhile maintaining a softer side as a family man.

Jodie said: "He must be fit and take great care in his appearance – what some may call a metrosexual. He must not be needy."

She is nicknamed "the littlest hobo" by her friends because of her constant need to keep on moving on and never wanting to settle down.

So can cupid Paddy come to her rescue and find the perfect man to take her out?

Tune in tonight to find out.

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