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Johansson: I'm loving new parts

Scarlett Johansson has revealed she's enjoying taking on more interesting roles as she gets older.

The 27-year-old, who plays a zookeeper opposite Matt Damon in Cameron Crowe's new film We Bought A Zoo, said she's now being offered more parts as "established" women.

"The roles that are really available for young women most of the time are the ingenue, the other woman, the girlfriend of someone, and as I've got older, it's nice to be able to move into territory where the characters that I'm playing and looking at are women who are established," she told USA Today.

"It's nice to be kind of transitioning into that phase of my career."

Scarlett said of her new movie: "This film is challenging in the sense that the character has a lot of conviction. And I think to play a character with conviction, you have to have it yourself."

And the actress, who finalised her divorce with Ryan Reynolds and embarked on a whirlwind romance with 51-year-old actor Sean Penn earlier this year, took the chance to complain about her "awful" nickname ScarJo.

"It's a laziness," she added. "People can't actually say the whole name? It's just bizarre."


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