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John Barrowman’s Bushtucker Trial on I’m A Celeb has created a whole new meme

Twitter found the actor and TV presenter’s reactions oh so relatable.


John Barrowman in I’m A Celebrity (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

John Barrowman in I’m A Celebrity (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

John Barrowman in I’m A Celebrity (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Harry Redknapp may have won I’m A Celebrity on Sunday but it was fellow finalist John Barrowman who got Twitter talking.

The Scottish-American actor and TV presenter had to eat a series of jungle “delicacies” to secure a real feast for his last night in the jungle and his reactions were all too relatable for a lot of viewers.

Beach worms, goats’ eyes, a bull’s penis and a huge dead spider were all on offer and the sight of Barrowman, head down but thumb up, struck a chord with viewers on social media.

“When your life is going to shit but someone asks if everything’s good,” wrote one user alongside the picture, a tweet which has been liked nearly 7,000 times.

“When the waiter asks if you’re ready for dessert…” wrote another Twitter user.

A third wrote: “When all my mates ask how I’m doing after my 70th mental break down of the day.”

“When you’ve got your head down the toilet on a night out and your pals asking if you’re wanting another drink,” wrote a fourth.

Harry might be King of the Jungle this time round, but John has a whole new meme to call his own, and not many celebs can say that.