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John Goodman for Valencia thriller

John Goodman is in talks to star in thriller Valencia.

The film will be produced by JJ Abrams' Bad Robot and directed by up and coming filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg as his feature debut.

According to Variety, most of the film is set in an underground cellar, where a teenage girl wakes up after a car accident. When she comes to, she finds herself in the company of an eerie caretaker, who tells her a nuclear attack has devastated the world.

Goodman will play the caretaker.

Dan Casey wrote the most recent version of the script. Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken penned the original draft.

Bad Robot will make the film with Insurge Pictures, a division of Paramount which distributes "micro budget" projects.

Like all Insurge projects, the film will have a budget of around five million US dollars (£2.9 million) in keeping with the company's policy of producing small-budget, high-concept movies.


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