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Johnny Depp loved being ‘silly’ for new movie

Johnny Depp enjoyed making his upcoming movie Rango as it gave him the chance to “be silly”.

The actor provides the voice for the film’s title character, with stars including Bill Nighy, Isla Fisher and Abigail Breslin also displaying their vocal talents.

The comedy is CGI-animated, with the actor’s own facial expressions providing a reference for their characters, and Johnny loved delivering his performances on a soundstage alongside his co-stars.

"I think it just gives a bunch of grownups an opportunity to be silly," he laughed.

The movie is set for release next year, and tells the tale of a chameleon that aspires to be a swashbuckling hero before finding himself stuck in a Western town plagued by bandits. Johnny felt he had a great deal in common with his reptile character, as he too sometimes wonders who he really is.

"Rango is a lizard attempting to adapt to his surroundings," the star told ET. "He's trying to figure out what he's supposed to be, like most of us in life. It's certainly like nothing I've ever done before, or any of us have ever done before."

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