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Johnny Depp's dinner date with fan

Johnny Depp has revealed he once accepted a fan's invitation to dinner.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star often spends hours signing autographs on the red carpet and revealed to Extra TV that he gets some strange requests while he is meeting his admirers.

Johnny said: "It's been everything from 'hey, can you talk to my mom on the phone' or 'can you give me your hat'... or 'will you come home and have dinner?'."

The Hollywood heartthrob revealed he did once accept such an invitation, explaining: "I did go to someone's house once, yeah. That was an interesting one. There was a guy, he was having marital problems so I went and tried to mediate, it's true."

But Johnny's efforts were in vain.

He said: "It didn't work out. They were just not meant for each other. At least I tried."


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