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Jon Culshaw: Judy Murray said my Sir Andy impression was too cheerful

He’s a big fan of impersonating the tennis ace because of the relaxing tone of his voice.

Jon Culshaw has said that Judy Murray told him his impression of her son Sir Andy Murray was “too chirpy”.

The comedian and impressionist told of how he was performing at an awards ceremony and, following his impersonation of the tennis star, he was convinced he would be “in real trouble” with Sir Andy’s mother.

Culshaw told the Press Association: “Sometimes you meet characters who you do, and I’ve never met Sir Andy Murray, but I remember doing the impersonation at the Mirror Pride of Sport Awards and Judy Murray was in the audience.

“I thought I was in real trouble after a while, and she said, ‘No no, you were too chirpy, far too cheerful for Andy!’

“I felt I got away with it a little bit.”

Culshaw, whose collection of around 350 impressions includes celebrities, politicians and other sports stars, said he particularly enjoys imitating Sir Andy, with his Scottish accent and low drawling tone.

“It’s quite relaxing talking like Andy Murray,” Culshaw said.

“It’s sort of like that voice if you’re talking in your sleep, it probably sounds a bit that way.”

Sir Andy Murray with his mother Judy Murray (Adam Davy/PA)

Culshaw said it is easy to slip from voice to voice when performing, either on his BBC Radio 4 show Dead Ringers or for his upcoming comedy tour The Great British Take Off, and said there are surprising similarities between certain stars.

He said: “On the show we do this thing called voice neighbours, where you can choose one character and just a little pitch shift will take you to another.

“So if you have Arsene Wenger in that way and take the French lilt and make it Scottish, that takes you to Andy Murray.”


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