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Jones for Captain America sequel

Toby Jones has revealed he's set to return for Captain America sequel The Winter Soldier.

The Girl star played Nazi scientist Dr Arnim Zola in the 2011 instalment The First Avenger, alongside Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell.

Asked by HeyUGuys if he would be reprising the role, Toby said: "It looks like I will be, yeah."

The British actor has a busy year ahead of him with several projects under way.

"There's Serena, which is this film with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and Rhys Ifans, which will come out at some point. And then there's a little independent film I've made, a tiny British film about asylum seekers called Leave To Remain which I'm very, very proud of with an extraordinary group of actors - some of whom are active asylum seekers - directed by Bruce Goodison," he said.

"And I'm currently working on a Mafia film in America which will come out at some point."

Toby added: "I love my job. I love doing theatre, radio... the great bonus of our job is contrast. Everyone thinks that everyone's in it for the fame and the money, but really the thing is the diversity of projects, the belonging to different worlds."


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