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Jones showers director with talent

Felicity Jones was so keen to appear in love story Like Crazy she sent director Drake Doremus a video of herself recreating a shower scene from the film in a bid to win the part.

Like Crazy, co-starring Anton Yelchin, tells the story of a British exchange student at Los Angeles university, who is forced into a long distance relationship when she is sent back to London by US customs officials.

Felicity was cast in the role just a week before filming began, without even meeting the director.

Drake revealed at the London Film Festival: "She sent me a tape of herself in her flat, and she was just incredible.

"She sent me two scenes that I asked for and then she sent me a bonus scene, the last scene of the film. She got in her shower and framed a close up on her face and it's a non-dialogue scene and she went through the motions that the character is going through and she absolutely blew me away, so I cast her immediately without ever meeting her in person."

The Cemetery Junction star explained why she worked so hard for the role.

Felicity said: "I just loved the tone of it as soon as I read the script I just felt an affinity with the character and what Drake was trying to achieve and I wanted to do something that was very, very naturalistic."

Both the film and Felicity won awards at the Sundance Film Festival, and Drake has already recast Felicity in his next film.

He said: "We shot a movie this past summer in New York that will be done in the spring and it's great to continue to work with her and explore different things."


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