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Jordan excited about Fantastic Four

Michael B Jordan has revealed his excitement about joining the Fantastic Four reboot.

The 27-year-old is set to play Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in Josh Trank's upcoming remake, a role originally played by Chris Evans in the previous films, and admitted being able to talk about it feels like a weight has been lifted.

"It feels amazing that I can actually talk about it. I've been having to dip and dodge questions for the eight to nine months so it feels good to talk about it. I'm excited," he told Access Hollywood.

Michael - who stars in That Awkward Moment with Zac Efron and Miles Teller - could be reunited with Miles, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell for the film, which is due to be released in cinemas in June 2015.

"I've known about it for some time now. Me and Josh Trank (director), we have been friends since we did Chronicle and this idea has been in our head for a really long time so to see that come to fruition is pretty cool," he continued.

The actor has received praise and won a number of awards for his portrayal of shooting victim Oscar Grant III in Fruitvale Station.

"To see this small film which started in the (San Francisco) Bay and take this Oscar Grant story around the world and see it affect different types of people, it's amazing. I'm inspired and surprised at the people it's affecting," he said.


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