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Josie Cunningham tells Eamonn Holmes 'you can phone me anytime' as she discusses getting sugar daddies to pay for next boob job

A woman who received a boob job on the NHS left This Morning viewers outraged on Friday as she told Eamonn Holmes he could "phone her anytime" as she discussed wanting sugar daddies to pay for more surgery.

Josie Cunningham was talking about her new business which sees her reward men with photos of herself, in exchange for luxury items being bought.

Cunningham sparked anger previously after she received a £4,800 breast enlargement operation on the NHS in order to pursue her career.

Appearing on Friday morning's programme Cunningham revealed she currently has three sugar daddies and that the eldest is 65.

She said: "I just get nice gifts in exchange for company, phone call conversations.

"I might take him the odd bit of bacon here and there."

Eamonn then interrupted her saying:  "So if I give you a phonecall.."

To which Cunningham said: "Eamonn you can phone me anytime".

Eamonn's wife Ruth rolled her eyes at the exchange.

He continued: "You bring me a bacon sandwich and I pay for your boob job?"

Cunningham replied: "I'd bring you anything you wanted if you paid for my boob job."

Viewers took to social media after the programme commenting on the exchange.

One said: "Ruth looks like she’s going to dive over the sofa any second. That’s your man, Ruth! Your man."

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