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Joy and despair as X Factor live shows looming

By Maureen Coleman

The bitterness and the backstabbing have started already — and that's just the judges.

In a weekend X Factor double bill, 16 finalists were chosen for the live shows, with our own Janet Devlin booking her place.

But while there was delight for some, there was heartache for others, with John Wilding missing out and little Luke Lucas proving he wasn't quite ready for the challenge when he broke down in tears. Maybe he was just traumatised by the sight of Robbie Williams dressed in palm leaves?

The live shows kick off next weekend, but if tabloid reports are to be believed, the knives are out already.

All's not well in boy band The Risk, who lost two of its members to make way for Charlie Healy, formerly of The Keys. And catty Kitty Brucknell, another Katie Waissel in the making, has it in for our Janet, the bookies' favourite to win.

This time last year I'd picked the winner but Matt Cardle was a shoo-in from the start. This year it's not so easy so call, but the way things are shaping up, my money's on Kelly's category. Let's hope it's the girl from Gortin — and let's help get her there.

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