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Julia: 'Randomness' in acting world

Julia Ormond has confessed to experiencing the "randomness and rejection" of being a working actress in Hollywood.

The British star - known for films such as Legends Of The Fall and First Knight - picked up the Best Supporting Actress Emmy for her TV movie Temple Grandin at the weekend, and admitted she was shocked.

"It's amazing - acting is such a profession of randomness and rejection that even when you get a job, you wait for day one of filming because anything could happen," she laughed.

"I realised when they announced it, it was just surreal," she explained.

Julia was full of praise for co-star Clare Danes who won Best Actress for her portrayal of Temple Grandin, a woman with autism who revolutionised practises for the humane handling of livestock.

"I think the idea is the smaller roles are meant to support the larger roles but frankly it should be Best Supported Actress because she just gave so much in that performance - she just raised us all up," Julia said.

Temple Grandin will air in the New Year on Sky.


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