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Juliette Binoche's award revenge

Juliette Binoche has revealed she considers the awards she won for her films as revenge for not being appreciated at school.

The Oscar and Bafta and multi-Cesar winning actress won the best actress award at Cannes this year for her latest film Certified Copy, but revealed at school she never won anything.

Juliette said of her awards: "It means a lot because I didn't get any prizes at school so it feels a big revenge after all that period of time. I was, you know, not the last one but almost. I didn't fit in very much in the scholarship kind of mind and all, so it's kind of an irony I think in life that suddenly I have all these prizes."

The French actress is recognised in Hollywood for her roles in The English Patient and Chocolat, but she doesn't think of herself as Hollywood star.

Juliette said: "I don't think I've ever had a real relationship with Hollywood. I never thought I would or I did, because I don't think I've ever been into any system. And that was a choice, because I didn't move there, I didn't try and sustain a kind of rhythm to make sure I was making a film regularly there so I exist, no. I just met with directors I felt like working with, mostly friends that I work with. So it was not a purpose and still not a purpose. It's feeling fulfilled as an artist, it's really getting into a specific world and sharing it."


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