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Juno: I am fine with sex scenes

Juno Temple has insisted she has no problem with getting naked on camera - she just wants her sex scenes to look the best they can.

The 25-year-old actress plays Daniel Radcliffe's girlfriend in new horror movie Horns, and she revealed she was fine rolling around naked with the Harry Potter star.

Juno said: "I've never been weird about nudity. We all take our clothes off to get in the shower, you know what I mean? Or to make love - whatever's going on in your day!"

But the Sin City: A Dame To Kill For star admitted sex scenes weren't really sexy - because she's so focused on getting them right.

She added: "Sex scenes for me are so unsexy, and I'm sure Dan would agree, because they're very technical.

"You're avoiding bits that you can't show, and all that kind of stuff. And you want it to look great - that's the most nerve-racking thing of all, is you want this sex scene to be really beautiful and sensual and a great sex scene."

Juno also admitted it helped that she and Daniel got on so well on the set of the film, as his jokes helped her relax - along with a cheeky tipple.

She said: "It's definitely more fun when you get on with the person you're doing it with, because you can have a laugh with them - maybe a shot of whisky too!"


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