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Juno: I choose lingerie for roles

Juno Temple has revealed she chooses her underwear to help her get into character.

The Three Musketeers actress stars opposite Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe, a film about a man who hires a hitman to kill his mother in an insurance scam and then tries to use his younger sister's virginity as payment.

Juno had to film sex scenes with Matthew for the movie and told The Independent she used her lingerie to help her play the young trailer trash virgin.

The 22-year-old British actress revealed: "I'm a bit of a lingerie person. Lingerie is my favourite thing in the world.

"It's quite an interesting thing, because weirdly I think it helps with my character. I was playing trailer trash so my lingerie wasn't ever going to be spectacular in this movie. But I'd like to design lingerie one day. I really love it. I think it's such an extraordinary thing as a woman to be able to play with."

Juno - who has been cast in Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises but insists she has been sworn to secrecy - admits filming sex scenes aren't easy.

She said: "It's definitely nerve-wracking taking your kit off."

But she added: "It wasn't so bad doing that scene.

"People are so respectful when you're doing those kind of scenes, they close the set, so, while obviously you're nervous, Matthew was incredible about it and he really took the time to make me feel very comfortable, we rehearsed it a lot and Matthew's such a gentleman."


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