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Jurassic World teases gory picture

Director Colin Trevorrow has teased a gory picture from the set of Jurassic World.

The Jurassic Park reboot - starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard - is currently being filmed for release next year.

Colin - who also co-wrote the script - posted a photo on Twitter of a bloody handy print swiped along the side of a white truck marked "Mobile Veterinary Unit".

The caption simply read "Saturday, 4AM."

Details about the fourth instalment are being kept under wraps, although Chris is rumoured to be playing an ex-soldier who clashes with a scientist, played by Bryce.

Colin has previously dropped hints on Twitter that the plot will involve a return to Isla Nublar, the location of 1993's original Jurassic Park. And he has posted pictures of location scouting in the jungle and a "Jurassic World Veterinary Services" uniform badge.

It is 14 years since the release of Jurassic Park III, but the story is said to be set just two years after the events of the first movie. Based on the novel by Michael Crichton, it told the story of a scientist who found a way to create dinosaurs from their fossilised DNA and tries to start a dinosaur safari park.

Vincent D'Onofrio has been signed up to play the villain in the new movie, while Indian star Irrfan Khan has also been cast.

Steven Spielberg, who directed the original, is producing.


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