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Karen Gillan: I forgot I was naked


Karen Gillan plays a writer in rom com Not Another Happy Ending

Karen Gillan plays a writer in rom com Not Another Happy Ending

Karen Gillan plays a writer in rom com Not Another Happy Ending

Karen Gillan has insisted she forgot she was naked while filming a nude scene for new romantic comedy Not Another Happy Ending.

The former Doctor Who star plays Jane, a novelist who is hit by writer's block, and so tries everything she can to find inspiration - including trying to write completely starkers.

Karen said: "I was really nervous beforehand - naturally I knew I'd have to sit there all day without any clothes on.

"But actually it was fine, they strategically covered me up with flesh coloured bits of material, and also it was a closed set so there weren't loads of crew guys walking around. And everyone was just very respectful and by the end I'd forgotten that I didn't have any clothes on."

Not Another Happy Ending co-stars French hunk Stanley Weber as Jane's publisher, who believes she writes best when she is unhappy, and so tries to make her miserable in a bid to cure her writer's block.

Karen revealed she watched a marathon of classic romantic comedies as research. "I worked my way through all the great rom coms of all time. I started off with His Girl Friday and The Apartment, When Harry Met Sally, Annie Hall, I worked through quite a lot, just as research," she said.

"And also I did this interesting thing of going on Twitter and just asking people "In one word, what type of person becomes a writer?" And I got some very interesting responses, from loads of really well-known writers as well, everyone just kind of chimed in, which was funny."

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The stylish actress and former model also helped choose her characters quirky vintage outfits. She said: "Me and John (McKay, the film's director) came up with the idea of this Annie Hall Diane Keaton thing. And we just ran with that and it's very much her style and I idolise Diane Keaton, and want to be her, so it's kind of a homage to her."

Meanwhile, Karen has just finished filming her next movie, comic book blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy, for which she shaved her head to play alien supervillain Nebula.

The actress has been given her long red locks made into a wig, b ut she revealed: "It's very creepy to wear your own hair - think about it, it is your hair but it's not attached to you...

"I really love this [her shaved head]. I wrapped about four days ago so this is four days of growth because they would have it every day for filming but I'm just going to grow it back now and have fun with hair styles!"

:: Not Another Happy Ending opens in cinemas on Friday October 11, 2013.

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