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Katie Price says she fears ‘breakdown’ after series of devastating events

She has lost a baby, learned her mother is ill and found out her husband was cheating.

Katie Price has said she fears she is heading for a breakdown in the wake of her mother’s terminal illness diagnosis, a miscarriage and the discovery her husband was unfaithful with their children’s nanny.

The Loose Women star said she does not want to be “a victim”, but added she is in shock after the series of heartbreaking revelations – which include learning her mother Amy has incurable lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

She told the Sun on Sunday: “I feel like I am in shock and I don’t know what I am doing, what I am feeling. This isn’t a normal situation. To go through so much in such a short time is stressful.

“It is difficult to cope. I don’t know how I am doing it. But I don’t want to be a victim. I am a survivor.

“But I do worry what tomorrow brings. I worry I will wake up and have some kind of breakdown, that it will all become too much.

“I am hurting. I am only human. My friends think I should talk to somebody but I’m just working and being a good mum, doing things that keep me sane, keep me happy.

“I don’t want to sit in a corner and be depressed, to wallow. I am trying to be upbeat and happy. Bad luck comes in threes, doesn’t it? Surely that’s me done.”

Price said she has asked for medical help, adding: “I told my doctor I was struggling. I felt ashamed but I had to. I needed medication to help me cope with how low I felt.

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“I’ve gone through so much and I’m still sane but I’m thinking, ‘How much more can I take? I’m just one woman. What else is going to be thrown at me?’

“And the difficult thing now is that I don’t know who I can turn to.

“My husband (Kieran Hayler) should be the one comforting me but he’s f**ked me over.

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Price said she  Hayler was cheating just days after her miscarriage.

She told the paper: ““I fell pregnant around July and didn’t know he was sleeping with Nikki but I was stressed about Kieran messaging other women. He’d destroyed my trust.

“I’d been worried that he’d be unfaithful for 18 months. I think that is absolutely, 100 per cent, why I lost the baby. I took the test and was so happy. I went to a private hospital to have my first scan but after looking at the monitor, the doctor said to me, ‘The baby’s gone’.

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“I was devastated. He offered me the option of a tablet or letting things happen naturally. It was heartbreaking and I was devastated.

“I still am. I’ve lost that baby. I know it was early days but I was excited and now that has gone.”


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