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Kaz moves on with new arrival after postcard sparks drama in Love Island

The girls were sent a postcard from Casa Amor during Wednesday’s programme.





Kaz Kamwi has moved on from Tyler Cruickshank in Love Island.

She found out he had kissed Clarisse Juliette in Casa Amor after the girls were sent a postcard of the boys’ trip which showed a number of them straying from their partners.

One of the images on the postcard showed Tyler and Clarisse together.

After finding out about Tyler’s actions, Kaz decided she was going to get to know new arrival Matthew MacNabb.

The pair also shared a kiss.

Liberty Poole said the girls have “been going out their way to be respectful” but the boys have not done the same.

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Hugo Hammond also managed to begin a romance with Amy Day in Casa Amor.

She told him: “With you, it’s like I can’t wait to talk to you next.

“You’ve shown interest which is amazing.”

Faye Winter also questioned her relationship with Teddy Soares during the episode.

“I don’t know if Teddy’s a bit calm for me,” she said. “Cool, calm and collected.”

Liam Reardon appeared to be on shaky ground with Millie Court during the programme after he admitted he wanted to kiss newcomer Lille Haynes.

After sharing a kiss during a recent challenge, and sharing a bed, Liam said: “She put her cards on the table, told me exactly how she felt.

“Obviously, I wanted to kiss her, but it’s not the right time.

“She took it well, said ‘I completely respect you’.

“The time here now, if I feel like I want to kiss her, I’m going to kiss her.”

However Wednesday’s episode ended by showing an apparent kiss between the pair in the next programme.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

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