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Keanu Reeves: Putting John Wick’s suit on again felt like home

The US actor attended a screening of the film in London.

Keanu Reeves attending the John Wick screening at Ham Yard Hotel, London (Ian West/PA)
Keanu Reeves attending the John Wick screening at Ham Yard Hotel, London (Ian West/PA)

Keanu Reeves has said putting on the suit to resume his role of hitman John Wick for the franchise’s third film felt like home.

The Matrix star took on the role of the assassin in the first film, released in 2014, with the second chapter following in 2017.

Directed by stuntman Chad Stahelski, who was Reeves’s body double when he played Neo in The Matrix, the action-packed franchise is recognised for its extensive fight scenes.

Speaking at a screening in London, Reeves told the Press Association: “I remember the first day that I was back, the first day we were starting to film and I put the suit back on.

Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski (Ian West/PA)

“It was literally the same suit from chapter two, and it still fit, it felt like home.

“Putting that suit back on almost gave me my magnetic north – I was like whack, OK, here’s the guy.

“I love the character and I really love the films.”

Parabellum jumps straight back in from the second chapter, as Wick fights his way out of New York when a bounty is placed on his head.

The film ends with a cliffhanger, which Reeves hopes will leave the possibility for a fourth chapter.

He said: “If there is a fourth film, hopefully people will enjoy this one and if they do we might have the opportunity.

“I have some ideas about (Wick’s) past that make me smile, so hopefully.”

Halle Berry stars in the latest release as new character Sofia after the actress expressed an interest in being involved with the film.

Asked about the X-Men actress, Stahelski told the Press Association: “We didn’t even have the part written yet when she asked to be in my movie.

“Once Halle confirmed that she wanted to be part of our little project, it was almost tailor made for her.

“She had a lot of input into what the character was and having already seen her body of work, it was pretty easy to write.”

The Addams Family’s Anjelica Huston joins the cast alongside Berry, with Ian McShane resuming the role of Winston.

John Wick 3: Parabellum will be released on May 17 by Lionsgate UK.



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