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Keira Knightley eager to curb ‘laziness’

Keira Knightley says her “laziness” makes her reluctant to own a television.

The 25-year-old currently sits as one of the leading actresses in the movie industry, following high-profile roles in films such as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Atonement and Pride & Prejudice.

As a hardworking actress, Keira says she refuses to own a television set for fear of encouraging her lazy side when she’s at home during time off.

“Do you know what it is? It’s that I’m the laziest f**ker in the entire world. It’s true. And stagnation is always really, really imminent. I can literally just sit and not do anything for hours and hours and hours and if there is something completely mind-numbing to do, like surfing the internet or watching c***py TV, I’ll do it and then I’ll feel s**t about myself. So I try to get rid of it,” she told British Elle magazine.

Instead of watching TV, Keira prefers to stimulate her mind through reading novels. The movie star recalls growing up surrounded by books, and says she couldn’t stand living in an environment with no reading material. She also isn’t a fan of modern portable e-book readers, and much prefers holding a book in her hand.

“I can’t get rid of books. It’s almost like having your thoughts [around you]. I want to be able to hold it. I want to be able to see where the pages have been turned down. I grew up in a house full of books. Wall to wall. I remember when I moved out of home, that was the big thing that I couldn’t handle: there weren’t any books. Every inch of my mom’s house is covered in them and not having any was like, ‘This is really weird. This is such a sterile place without any stories in it,” she added.

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