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Kelly Brook flies into Belfast for a slice of Lemon


Kelly Brook arrives at Belfast City Airport

Kelly Brook arrives at Belfast City Airport

Kelly Brook arrives at Belfast City Airport

Kelly Brook arrives at Belfast City Airport

Kelly Brook arrives at Belfast City Airport

Kelly Brook flew back into Belfast yesterday to film her final scenes in funnyman Leigh Francis' latest project, Keith Lemon: The Movie.

Brook stars alongside Francis and Austin Power's Mini-Me Verne Troyer in the comedy, which has been shooting in Belfast since mid-November. The film tells the story of Francis' alter-ego Keith Lemon, as he follows his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He comes to London from Leeds, becoming an overnight billionaire then a failure, before finding the road to redemption.

A host of celebrities have visited Belfast in recent weeks to make cameo appearances, including Jedward, Ronan Keating, Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton. Francis and Troyer have been based here since November while Brook has divided her time between Belfast and London.

But despite working hard on set, the cast have been making the most of their down-time and have been spotted out and about around the city, popping into Muriel's Bar and The Spaniard for a drink. Troyer has also been spotted in the Pavilion bar and out bowling at the Odyssey.

Troyer said he was enjoying his time in Belfast, but was finding the cold weather difficult to deal with.

He said: “I like it here. The only thing I have a problem with is the cold. But I like it. Everyone is so friendly. I can go to the local pub and get along with everyone.

“In the places where you go and visit, it's the people that make those places and that's definitely the case with Belfast.”

Francis, who wrote the movie with Paul Anguawela, took to Twitter to post a picture of himself as Lemon, in a pair of red briefs, lying on a hotel bed with a bikini-clad Brook. He posted: “Fun at the office with @IAMKELLYBROOK”. The actress later tweeted: “Honestly having the best time here in Belfast — my cheeks hurt from laughing!”.

Speaking about the movie, Francis' alter-ego said: “It's a privilege to have the power of sight, hearing, touching and feeling. But to make a film which I am going to be able to see myself in, hear myself in, but unfortunately not touch or feel myself in (because it's not in 3d) is even more'rer'rer of privilege.

Especially since it's based on true life events that have happened in my true life, apart from of course 98.2% of it which has been made up simply for entertainment.”

Filming will continue over the weekend and is due to wrap next week.


Leeds-born Leigh Francis (38) shot to fame in 2002 due to the success of his television show ‘Bo Selecta’ which portrayed a selection of celebrities by wearing face masks to impersonate them. It was axed after five series but Francis took one of the characters and made Keith Lemon's Very Brilliant World Tour. He also hosts Celebrity Juice and Sing if You Can, and is due to have his own new Saturday night series, The Bang Tidy Show.

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