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Kelly Brook to star in Plan B film?

Kelly Brook is in talks to star in Plan B's next film.

The rapper-actor - whose real name is Ben Drew - is looking to adapt his album Defamation Of Strickland Banks for the big screen, and is planning to offer the Piranha 3D actress a starring role.

"Now we're talking about doing a film of the album, which is something that's gonna excite me and allow me to work on this project for longer than I would normally - Kelly wants to be involved so we'll see how that pans out," he told the Daily Star.

Kelly is also up for the project, saying: "I love Plan B. I want to be a gangster's moll so I'd love to be in his film - just as long as he gives me a fur coat. He said he would!"

The chart-topping record tells the fictional tale of a guy framed for a crime he didn't commit by an ex-ladyfriend.

Ben, who has appeared in Adulthood, Harry Brown and, has worked on his first feature-length film Ill Manors, which he wrote and directed.


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