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Kelly Osbourne eyes up gritty drama

Kelly Osbourne is eyeing up a role in a "gritty drama".

The TV star has just finished filming her film debut in indie comedy Should've Been Romeo - but fancies turning serious for her next part.

"It's been one of the most amazing experiences of my life - I want to do a gritty drama next!" she wrote in her Closer magazine column.

Kelly landed the role of a groupie, acting alongside Michael Rapaport (Prison Break), Mary McCormack (The West Wing), BJ Britt (Vampires Suck), Ed Asner (Up), and Carol Kane (The Bounty Hunter).

"I've just finished the first week of shooting on my new film Should've Been Romeo! My character Nicole is very different to me - she's a bit of a crazy groupie!" Kelly penned.

"I just had to dry-hump my co-star Paul Ben Victor for one of the scenes - and I was s****ing myself because it was so sexual and not me."

Should've Been Romeo is set for release in 2011.


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