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Kelly Rowland gets bellyful of X Factor contestant

By Anthony Barnes

X Factor judge Kelly Rowland hits it off with a hunky contestant on tonight's show - and gets him to show off his six-pack.

The US singer is seen flirting with wannabe Perry in tonight's edition of the show as she gets carried away staring at his washboard stomach.

As the pair hit it off during the show, she tells him: "You're not supposed to be making me blush."

The smoothie replies: "I have that effect and I haven't even lifted up my top yet."

But despite being impressed by his physique, Rowland is less keen on his voice.

"My darling, I must admit I love your abs a little bit more than your voice. It's going to be a no from me, but I am going to be dreaming about those abs," she added.

"I counted - it was all eight, just nice."

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