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Kenneth Branagh's fairy tale Cinderella route to top spot

By Amanda Ferguson

Sir Kenneth Branagh's Disney remake of Cinderella has opened in the number one spot at the UK box office.

The latest project from the Belfast-born director, starring Lily James as the princess and Richard Madden as Prince Charming, has taken a projected £3.8m in box office earnings.

The live action version of the classic fairy tale, which also stars Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter, also opened in the top spot in Spain with an estimated £1.88m. So far it has taken £101m in the US, with approximate global takings reaching more than £226m.

Branagh was in Belfast last week for a Nicva and Into Film charity screening at the Movie House in Belfast. At the time, the 54-year-old said he could identify with the Cinderella character.

"I identify with a character who seems to be successful, even triumphant at the end of struggles that people might recognise from their own lives," he said.

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