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Kidman happy to play the villain


Nicole Kidman says she loves evil villains

Nicole Kidman says she loves evil villains

Nicole Kidman says she loves evil villains

Nicole Kidman has revealed she was always keen to play a villain, like her evil character Millicent in Paddington.

The actress took on the role of a terrifying taxidermist in the children's film and admitted she was more than happy to be the baddie.

She said of the costume: "I got to wear this cool outfit - I think Paddington says I have a snake body and an elephant head."

Talking about her love of villains, Nicole said: "It's always part of the fairytale, the wicked witch, Maleficent, all of the characters that are evil, that are bad, and you're drawn to them.

"Even the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz was so intriguing to me because she was terrifying, but you still wanted to watch her and know more about her. So it's that push-pull always."

Asked whether she dreamed of being the wicked witch in Oz rather than heroine Dorothy, she said: "Yeah. For me as a child, because I knew that it was acting and she was covered with a green face, and that cackle she had, all of those things intrigued me."

Nicole continued: "I was fascinated with things that scared me which is what I find with children now. They stare at me if they know I was in this movie. Even with Golden Compass they did and I had the same thing, where you're drawn to it and fascinated but at the same time keeping your distance."

Paddington is in cinemas now.