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Kitsch praises Rihanna's film move

Taylor Kitsch has praised Rihanna's decision to take on a film role in Battleship, saying it's a "good move" for her career.

The Barbadian singer makes her acting debut in Peter Berg's action adventure alongside the John Carter star, where she plays a weapons specialist.

"It was good [working with her]. I think it's a great part on her end to work with Peter Berg," he said.

"To come to a set like that, that he gives that freedom and that empowerment is a good move on her part."

Taylor was thrilled to reunite with Peter, who cast him in TV show Friday Night Lights five years ago: "We're very dear friends and we push each other."

And he promised viewers will be satisfied: "The action is insane. I just saw the last trailer and I was speechless. It's incredible what they have done. It's really the epitome of a summer blockbuster."

Following Battleship, Taylor - who currently stars in science-fiction epic John Carter - will next be seen in Oliver Stone's Savages.

"Savages is a very gritty, dramatic film with Oliver Stone, John Travolta, Benicio Del Toro, Uma Thurman and Salma Hayek, so it's a good little spectrum of characters," he continued.

"I loved it. I don't prep any different. To work with Oliver Stone is an amazing thing and it's something you should be proud of. He's an icon and he is for a reason."

:: John Carter opens in cinemas on March 9.


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