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Klein: Pie set just like old times

Chris Klein has revealed being on the set of the latest American Pie film is "like adult summer camp".

The actor, who plays sensitive sports fan Oz in the hit franchise, said all the stars of the first movie are making appearances in American Reunion.

"All the originals come back to say hello... it's been so amazing to watch this cast mature over the last 10 years. There is a certain sense of pride I have for them all," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

"There's always high jinks when you get a bunch of people that like to do comedy together. We can't help ourselves. It's adult summer camp there. Twelve to 14 hours of laughter all the time. So I've been able to scale back my sit-up routine a little bit."

Chris revealed his character has now become a sportscaster on an NFL show, while Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) and Jim (Jason Biggs) now have a baby together.

Meanwhile Stiffler, played by Seann William Scott, still hasn't grown up.

"Stiffler is always Stiffler. He's having a good time," Chris said.


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