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Kline, Douglas: No older roles

Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas have complained that there are not enough good film roles available for older men.

The veteran actors starred in aged buddy movie Last Vegas alongside Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro, and told TV Times they would like to see more parts of that standard available to them.

Chatting about the film, which sees an older group of men visit Las Vegas for a bachelor party, Kevin said: "Our whole culture is youth obsessed, so films reflect that.

"It's sad for us older gents, but that's how it is. They want you to play the father, the professor, the uncle, the Old Man Next Door.

"It's slim pickings. And the older you get, the slimmer they become."

Co-star Michael added: "It's very hard to find anything positive about getting old. No, nothing really. Except, I'm lucky, I have younger kids, so it's wonderful to be able to share information and spend time with them."

But Robert said he wasn't as bothered by lead roles drying up: "I don't expect to be playing 30-year-olds. And I don't mind. That's just life.

"You're not carrying the movie as the young romantic lead - those days are gone forever."


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