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Kline worked in 'controlled chaos'

Kevin Kline was pleasantly surprised when he turned up for work for Robert Redford.

The Oscar-winning actor plays Secretary of War Edwin Stanton in forthcoming film The Conspirator, a post-Civil War drama directed by legendary actor-turned-filmmaker Redford.

He said working with Redford was "not at all what I expected," adding: "I thought being an actor, he'd be an actor's director and just leave us alone and let us - but no ... He had great control of all his materials, knew what he wanted or certainly knew what was right when he saw it.

"While he allowed us to play, he was kind of - sort of auteur - if you will. In other words, it was his vision and inviting the actors to contribute to that, of course, but it wasn't a free-for-all. It was very controlled chaos."

Kevin, who stars alongside Evan Rachel Wood and James McAvoy in the film, said he was "always trying" to find different roles.

He said: "I just don't want to bore myself, and I figure if it's interesting and challenging and different to me - if I see something different in a part, it's attractive and I'm hoping - so I'm not just doing the same boring stuff."


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