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Knightley film screened in N Korea

Keira Knightley's hit film Bend It Like Beckham has been screened in a state TV broadcast in North Korea.

The 2002 British football film, starring Keira, Parminder Nagra and Jonathan Rhys Myers, was a break from the regular programming of news, documentaries and soap operas. Western films are largely off limits in the country.

The broadcast, monitored in Seoul on December 26, appeared to be edited; it was only an hour long.

In a tweet, British Ambassador to South Korea Martin Uden called the broadcast the "1st ever western-made film to air on TV" in North Korea. The British Embassy arranged it.

Bend It Like Beckham features a sport beloved among North Koreans, but it also touches on topics like interracial relationships, homosexuality and religion.


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