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Knightley wanted to sing like Adele

Keira Knightley has confessed she was disappointed she couldn't sing like Adele in her new film Begin Again.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actress stars with Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine in the romantic comedy about a disgraced music executive who strikes up an unlikely friendship with an aspiring singer-songwriter, played by Keira.

Keira told John Stewart on The Daily Show: "I was just quite disappointed that I didn't sound like Adele.

"You know when you're in the shower and you're just singing and you think 'God I sound so good right now, I sound so good! I could totally do that Adele thing.'

"And then you get into a recording studio, as I did, and 'ooh, I can't, I can't do the Adele thing!'."

And the British actress admitted movie bosses had taken a big gamble on casting her, as she insisted they did not make her try out the songs before they began filming.

She said: "I wasn't given the songs until two days before I had to go into the studio and I'm not a singer, I really don't know how to do this, so we just got in there and said... this has to work."

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