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Kravitz: Dreadlocks got me typecast

Lenny Kravitz has revealed he turned down acting offers in the past because his dreadlocks meant he only got offered bad boy roles.

The 47-year-old rocker - who plays Jennifer Lawrence's slightly camp stylist Cinna in new film The Hunger Games - had made cameos before, but only made his "proper" acting debut in 2009, as a nurse in Oscar-winning film Precious.

Lenny told New York Magazine's Vulture blog: "I was offered all kinds of things, but most of these offers came in when I had the dreadlocks because I had them for so many years. So they were basically casting me as this dreadlocked, tattooed, ear-and nose-ringed character.

"No one was using their imagination, and nobody asked me if I'd ever cut my hair, so it was always these stereotypical sort of roles and I was like, 'Eh.'

"So Precious came as a fluke which then opened the door, and now here I am and all these great things are starting to come my way. And now people are kind of like, 'Oh, he's kind of serious about doing this.'

"So now I have something else to do."

The singer said he enjoyed taking a break from music to act as he liked being part of a team effort.

Lenny said: "I don't have any ego about it at all, and it's kind of why I'm doing this. I like collaborating.

"When I make music, I write the music, I produce the music, I play all the instruments - I'm in the studio by myself and it's my world. It's very self-indulgent, but to do a movie, it's not about me at all. It's about the director's vision, it's about a character, and something about that really turns me on."


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