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Kristen Bell's holiday lethargy

Kristen Bell said she takes it easy during the festive period
Kristen Bell said she takes it easy during the festive period

Kristen Bell has revealed her favourite way to spend the holidays is to do nothing at all.

The 33-year-old new mother voices Disney princess Anna in new animated movie Frozen and speaking on the red carpet at the world premiere in Los Angeles, the blonde actress said she takes it easy during the festive period.

"At the holidays I eat a lot and I sleep a lot so I suppose lethargy makes me feel festive," the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star said.

The movie, which tells the story of a Snow Queen and her sister, is set in a Nordic winter wonderland, and Kristen said it will get audiences into the holiday spirit.

"I think the movie is beautiful and an intense amount of research was done by the animators to make you feel like you're in this Nordic Fjord-ish environment and you kind of feel chilly when you're in the theatre."

Jobs star Josh Gad voices Anna's sidekick Olaf, a snowman who is desperate to experience summer, and the actor said he is a big kid when it comes to Christmas.

"I grew up in south Florida so I'm a summer guy who loves winter and being in the snow.

"I'm going to New York this week and we always go to Macy's to look at the lights and the different window displays and that is my favourite thing to do in the holidays."

Josh added that he feels a huge amount of affection for the impractical snowman he lends his voice to.

"I love the fact that he is a child and his pure innocence. He's a snowman and he thinks summer would be an amazing thing for him and it's that childlike wonderment that I enjoy playing so much and makes the character fun for audiences as well."

Frozen will be in cinemas on December 6.


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