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Kurylenko: I like keeping to myself

Olga Kurylenko has revealed that she prefers to keep a low profile when she's not working.

The 33-year-old Ukrainian actress, who currently stars in Oblivion, has recently moved to London, and is enjoying the relative anonymity that the capital offers.

"I love London. It's such a big city, there's so many things to do. It's culturally rich. If people come up to me, they are usually nice and it doesn't bother me - so far," she said.

While some of her counterparts are living it up in the capital, the former Bond girl prefers to keep to herself, admitting that she's still in the process of meeting new people.

"I'm quite a recluse. I like to lie low," she continued, adding: "I'm starting to get friends here - it's hard because I'm still new here, and most of my friends are in Paris. But London is also close to Paris so I can just take the train and be back in two hours, which is great."

Olga admitted that she even relished being in the sleep box that her character Julia Rusakova arrives in in Oblivion, the epic sci-fi and futuristic adventure from Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski.

"I love it. I don't like rollercoasters or heights, but I have no problem being locked in a box. It was so comfortable," she said.

"It was also sound-proof - it was so quiet in there so it was my relaxing moment. The others were always worried that they should open the box as soon as we cut, but I'd say, 'Don't worry guys, just leave me here'."

Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman also star in Oblivion, which is in cinemas now.


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