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Kutcher dismisses Jobs concerns

Ashton Kutcher has brushed away criticism about his new film Jobs, following Steve Wozniak's comments about the movie's inaccuracies.

The No Strings Attached actor, who stars as Steve Jobs in the biopic, hinted that Steve's collaboration with Aaron Sorkin on another film about the late Apple co-creator may have clouded his judgment.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "A couple things you have to understand. One, Steve Wozniak is being paid by another movie studio to help support their Steve Jobs film, so he's gonna have an opinion that is connected to that, somewhat.

"Two, the biggest criticism that I've ultimately heard is that he wanted it to be represented - his contribution to Apple - fairly. And, in all fairness, the movie's called Jobs. And it's about Steve Jobs and the legacy of Steve Jobs, and so I think it focuses more... on what his contribution to Apple was."

Wozniak, who is portrayed by Josh Gad in Jobs, had concerns that the biopic would gloss over the true story of the company's early days and Jobs' rocky road to leadership.

"Steve never created a great computer. In that period, he had failure after failure after failure. He had an incredible vision, but he didn't have the ability to execute on it. I would be surprised if the movie portrays the truth," he told the Los Angeles Times in July.

Ashton, who went through hours of footage to nail Jobs' voice and distinctive walk, and even ended up in hospital after he tried the entrepreneur's fruitarian diet, said he just wants to do the role justice.

"I felt a huge responsibility to channel him to the best of my ability and tell the story honestly and accurately without glorifying or shaming him," he said.


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