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Kutcher on Jobs red carpet in LA

Ashton Kutcher has said he understands why Apple co-creator Steve Wozniak isn't supporting the biopic he stars in.

Ashton plays Steve Jobs in the story of the life of the inventor, which covers his younger years travelling in India through to the invention of the iPod.

Speaking on the red carpet of the Jobs premiere in LA, the No Strings Attached hunk referred to Wozniak's involvement in another movie about Apple.

He said: "I can understand that he's being paid by another movie so he's pretty motivated to not support ours. I can understand that he wants emphasis put on his contribution to Apple because he had an extraordinary contribution, he created the first Apple computer.

"What Steve Wozniak knew how to do was create extraordinary things and make them incredibly efficient and what Steve Jobs knew how to do was make them simple and useful. I think the combination of that is what created the success that Apple had. I can understand if I was Steve Wozniak I would probably want a movie called Woz."

Dressed in a cream cardigan, Ashton detailed the arduous processes he went through to prepare for the part.

"I had three months to prepare for the role which is a huge liberty for an actor. The first process was learning everything I could about him and then once I did that I got a pretty good idea of what the rest of the world thought and what he wanted to the world to think and then I wanted to understand why he made the choices he made.

"I started reading the things he read, listening to the music he listened to, eating the food he ate and studying the entrepreneurs and inventors he admired and the artists and designers he appreciated so I could look at the world through a lens that might have some of the same influences as his."


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