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Kyle MacLachlan: Forget what David Lynch meant – find your own meaning in Twin Peaks

The FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper actor said that that no explanation is needed.


Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan

Twin Peaks fans should not worry about what David Lynch meant with the series and instead enjoy their own interpretation, Kyle MacLachlan has said.

The actor, who plays FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper in the show, said on Monday that no official explanation is necessary.

The latest season, which climaxed earlier this month, left many fans desperate for answers and the internet is awash those trying to crack Lynch’s meaning.


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But MacLachlan, 58, told the Press Association: “David is an artist first and foremost.

“He’s one of the greatest film-makers living today and I think he’s created something that is to be experienced and interpreted by each person individually and have their own experience with art.

“I don’t think there’s any explanation necessary, actually.”

The show, which transformed television and inspired countless other series, returned this summer after a 26-year hiatus.

Those anticipating a nostalgia-laden revisit to the town of Twin Peaks with a good-natured Cooper enjoying hot black coffee and cherry pie were mistaken.

While Lynch ensured many of the characters of old made important returns, he largely took viewers on a separate adventure around the States, and the agent only briefly returned to his former glory near the end.

Details of the show, made by US network Showtime and broadcast in the UK on Sky Atlantic, were closely guarded with even MacLachlan only learning the full plot as he watched along with the rest of the world.

He too does not completely know what was intended by Lynch, who also directed cult movies including Blue Velvet and Eraserhead.

MacLachlan previously told US magazine Variety: “I’m kinda like: ‘Ah yeah, what does that mean?’ I got nothing. I have no answers.”

The actor spoke on Monday at the 27th annual Simply Shakespeare benefit in Los Angeles before taking to the stage to perform alongside stars such as Tom Hanks, Alfred Molina and William Shatner.