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Kylie Minogue gives Rachael O'Connor confidence to face first Voice live show


Big boost:  Rachael O'Connor

Big boost: Rachael O'Connor

Big boost: Rachael O'Connor

Limavady schoolgirl Rachael O'Connor has revealed that she's been picking up confidence tips from pop star Kylie Minogue ahead of tonight's first live show of The Voice.

The 17-year-old – who remains the bookmakers' favourite to win – was unhappy with her performance in the knockout round last weekend, claiming nerves had let her down.

But her mentor put her through to the lives, saying she saw star potential in the pretty teenager.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph last night, Rachael said she felt much happier about her upcoming performance, crediting Kylie with helping her to conquer stage fright.

Rachael said: "I didn't like watching last week's performance back. I didn't like listening to it at all. I spoke to my family afterwards and they said they could tell I was really nervous, but they still told me I was great and that they were so proud.

"It's just a confidence thing and I just need to overcome my nerves. But this week Kylie's been really happy with me in rehearsals and keeps saying that she can't believe how far I've come on from last week.

"It's down to her, really. She gives me confidence. So I really want to go out there and show her that I can do it. I don't want to let her down."

Rachael said she got on very well with her world-famous mentor and that they had bonded over a similar sense of humour.

"The rehearsals are long and this week's been very busy, but Kylie makes it fun," she said. "We both smile and laugh a lot at the same things and we just get on very well. She's lovely." The Limavady Grammar School pupil said she would definitely go and see Kylie in concert later this year, when the Australian singer plays Belfast's Odyssey Arena as part of her Kiss Me Once European tour.

And she said that her mum was a fan too.

"I've never seen Kylie in concert but even if I don't get invited by her, I'll be there," she said. "If it means having to get up first thing in the morning to book my tickets, I'll do it."

Tonight Rachael will go up against Lee Glasson and Jamie Johnson to fight for their mentor's 'fast pass' straight through to next week's show.

"Obviously it would be great to win Kylie's fast pass," she said. "If not, I just hope people like what they hear and vote for me."

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