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Kylie reunion special: Nick Cave

Rock star Nick Cave has told how special it was to reunite with Kylie Minogue for his new film 20,000 Days On Earth.

The musician, writer, composer and sometime actor co-wrote the semi-fictional documentary which sees drama and reality combine to mark a day in the life of the 56-year-old Australian rocker.

Cave was joined on the red carpet at the film's premiere at the Barbican Centre in London by his band The Bad Seeds and actor Ray Winstone.

Cave recorded a duet, Where The Wild Roses Grow, with Minogue in 1995. She appears in the documentary chatting with Cave about old times as they drive along in his car.

He recalled of working with her: "When we first did the thing, we had no idea if she could come and sing the song with me.

"And she jumped at it to do it, and she brought this kind of light into our lives for a few months. So it was really meaningful for us, and she got something from it as well. And then we kind of drifted apart. We moved on and she went on to do whatever it is that she does.

"And so when we were together in the film it was really special."

In the film Cave also pays homage to his model wife Susie Blick, who he married in 1999. The couple now live in Brighton with their two sons.

Asked about how romantic he is, he joked: "I could actually write things for guys if they want. I might take that up as a business..."

He added: "Yeah, I like that bit."

Cave revealed he asked Winstone, who he worked with on 2005 Western movie The Proposition, to be in the documentary because he is so good at talking to people.

Winstone said: "I just enjoy a conversation. I like an argument. I know sometimes I put my foot in it, but that's alright, it's what it's all about."

And the pair admit they have come to blows over what constitutes good fish and chips.

Winstone said: "The man has no idea what fish and chips. He's going on about having no batter on fish and chips, what does he know? An Australian coming to England telling us how to do fish and chips! I've got the hump now."

20,000 Days On Earth is released in cinema on Friday September 19 2014.


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